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The Ants

In Troubled Times, Souls Unite.

Exhausted, the Ants worked tirelessly into the night. Carefully the Colony’s defences are rebuilt in the hope of stopping the dreaded Roaches from again breaching their home at sunrise.

Meanwhile the Queen, fat and imperious pulls her personal Chef closer and demands that more food be brought to her immediately. Releasing the Chefs chain just enough to tend the cooking fire, the Queen licks her fingers while adjusting her abdomen as hundreds of eggs continue to flow from her body.

The King was even lazier. His days are spent crafting obscure and often violent political games to occupy his loyal community.

Little did Royalty know, but a small band of Artists were secretly meeting and imagining a world with no Queen or King. 

Meanwhile, everyone else continued to work. Everyday, harder and harder for the greater good. Builders took pride in their structures. Many hunted for water and food for survival. The Grunts n Flyboys proudly protected while Nurses tended to the injured.

Everyday is hopeful, yet ends with sorrow and death.

War is upon us. Save our Souls.

Art is dripping...

Minted art is rendered at 2000x2000px. Ownership is held with the NFT holder, yet the Creator reserves the right to add further rarity/uniqueness to any NFT.
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Doubly important, yet often forgotten. These hard workers are fastidiously cleaning up after everyone else, but quite often are left in the shadows.


Driving the direction of the colony, yet struggles to get their hands dirty.  The Architect Ant is one of few that manages to break away from the physical restraints of the hive mind, though suffers from the madness of the individual as a result.


Muscle bound and ready to build a wall in any emergency, our beloved Builder Ant is the backbone of our civilisation. 


Completely free of the hive mind, the Artist Ant finds itself bringing harmony to the colony one day and completely breaking the system the following day. The Artist Ant can also mimic any other Ant, allowing it to move freely between classes in the colony.


The most resilient Ant amongst the Colony. Armed to the teeth, Grunts hold the front line from ever present invaders (Roaches). Many Ant children wish to become Grunts when they are young, only to discover the hard truth of protecting the colony when it is too late.


Meet the top aviators in the online realm. Admired by the entire Colony, Flyboys soar high with envy-inducing wings and flight skills, leaving Grunts, Builders, and Foragers green with jealousy. The only thing more impressive than their flight is their sleek uniform.

Slave to the Queen

Enslaved to their Queen for life, Slave Ants cannot move more than 30 steps from their master at any time. Slave Ant workload includes cleaning and massaging the engorged Queens flesh, removing her body waste from the sacred birthing chamber and ensuring the Queen is constantly fed. If the Queen were to die, all active Slave ants are required to dispose of the body and activate another Queen immediately.


With oversized hands and jaws, the Tunnelling Ant connects all the caverns of the Colony. Partly blind, this ant works alongside the Builder Ant to ensure a solid structure is maintained. The Tunnelling Ant is also active in securing access to underground water for the Colony and works closely with Waterboy.


One of the hardest workers in the colony. The Forager Ant must leave every day to collect food from the outside world. While the journey away from the Colony is hazard free, the journey home is fraught with danger. This ant can carry up to 20 times its weight in food. It sadly has the highest fatality rate from predators.

Chef to the Queen

A culinary magician that cooks dishes of unbridled perfection for the Queen at every hour of the day. While the Chef continues to provide high caloric intake for his mistress, he unfortunately has no capacity to feed himself. Malnutritioned, Chef Ant has the shortest life span of all the ants.


Sliding and crawling through the Colony’s deepest recesses, Waterboy sniffs out any hidden moisture. If Waterboy is ever seen amongst the general population he is shunned, which is ironic as Waterboy is the most important Ant for the colony’s survival.


Bandaging war-torn Grunts and FlyBoys, the Nurse Ant keeps the defence workforce functional. With high-level medical skills and a caring manner the Nurse is one of the most respected Ants in the colony.

The Queen

The Matriarch. The Mother. Step correct my children, or she’ll have you scrub cleaning for weeks. But beware, too much adoration and she’ll have you birthing her children forever.

The king

In a previous life, the King was a Chef to the Queen and managed to escape only to become bound in wedlock to the Queen. Pimped and primed, the King has literally nothing to do and generally causes complete mayhem around him. Useless and sometimes violent tasks keep him and his close group of Grunts and Flyboys occupied.

The Jantor

Hidden Character.
No known personality.
Yet to be located.

Which Ant are You?

We all work to hold the colony together. Which role do you play?

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