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The Harvest.

60% of total collected mint held in Harvest (for Holders)
60% of collected royalties held in Harvest (for Holders)

Buy, Hold and Watch the Harvest Grow.
Enjoy watching Art truly appreciate in value over time.

You must follow us on X to be eligible. PreSale coming soon.


Hold and reap what you sow.
Holders are eligible for our Harvest. If you’re holding a Soul of the Ant NFT you’re holding the ultimate ticket to the Harvest. Holders simply login to their Harvest, and share content via X to maintain their eligibility

Harvest keeps growing.
60% of collected mint fees are held in Harvest. 60% of all royalties collected are held in Harvest. 


Hold & Participate.
If you’re Holding a Soul of the Ant NFT, you are eligible to participate in our Harvest. Participate by sharing  Soul of the Ant updates through your X timeline. 

Burn & Take
To take possession of your Harvest, simply Burn your NFT with us. Smart contract deployment will deliver Sol held in your Harvest to your connected wallet. Alternatively, sell your NFT and remember to list your sell price well above what your Harvest eligibility is. 


Hold , share and be rewarded.
Simply share Harvest updates through your X account while Holding your NFT and the Harvest will continue to grow.  Pretty easy work, for some great potential gains!

When it’s time to share Harvest updates, we’ll let you know via X.